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Field Workshops to start May 26th!

Well, it took a while, but we are finally able to offer the Digital Photography 101 Camera Skill Field Workshop, as it is known in its full iteration this coming Saturday, may 26th, followed by the dates of June 9th and 23rd.

Here is the official course description of the workshop, fresh from the new Knowledge Center web pages at http://thephotogarden.com :

The Digital Photo 101 Field Workshop

Digital 101 Photo Class (Introduction to Digital Photography)



The Introduction to Digital Photography Field Workshop is geared for photographers new to their camera who have completed the PhotoGarden Digital Photography 101 classroom course. This workshop will offer an exciting, personal, and productive way to improve your familiarity and facility with your photographic equipment, and to develop your eye for artistic composition.

Students will learn first-hand, by taking photographs in and around Burlington, Vermont how the photographic concepts discussed in the class can be put to best use with their cameras in this four-hour workshop.

Each participant in the group will receive one-on-one instruction as needed from the workshop leader, and this small-group class will cover lens and aperture selection, depth-of-field, focal length and artistic perspective, exposure and metering, selective focusing, tripod use, use of flash, and using different shooting modes.

The workshop attendees will meet at Church Street in Burlington in good weather and at UVM’s Waterman building during inclement skies.

Dig 101 Course prerequisite

Cost: $65.00 per student